Research & Development Department

The R&D unit of Hajm Steel Company as an important part, focuses on the following objectives:

Optimizing manufacturing processes to increase efficiency and reduce waste, extend component life, design and select specific alloys for special applications, manufacturing design process, consulting, review of raw materials, reverse engineering, and provide technical Industrial know-how of industrial parts production.

The company has been involved in various industries including oil, gas and petrochemical, cement, power plant, machinery, scrap shredder factories, automobiles, railroads, polymers and medical engineering.


A wealth of metal casting experience As a Iranian Foundry run and managed by seasoned craftsmen for over 16 years Hajm steel  is equipped to

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Finishing and Surface Treatments   Hajm steel  routinely provides a wide range of metal finishing and surface treatments to its cast products in order to

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Machining Hajm steel can provide castings raw, with proof-machining or full precision machining as required, in our  machine shops or those operated by partner foundries

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