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Although the basic sand casting processes have changed very little over the years, the complexity of the castings and the technology employed at the foundry have changed dramatically. The latest CMM technology, advanced testing and strictly enforced quality management systems ensure that we deliver consistently high quality cast and machined components. Specialist alloys, advanced precision machining, performance enhancing finishes and surface treatment options are all evolving and Hajm steel is committed to remaining at the forefront of the metal casting industry while delivering the most competitive solutions through constant review of both in-house and international partner processes.


A wealth of metal casting experience As a Iranian Foundry run and managed by seasoned craftsmen for over 16 years Hajm steel  is equipped to

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Finishing and Surface Treatments   Hajm steel  routinely provides a wide range of metal finishing and surface treatments to its cast products in order to

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Machining Hajm steel can provide castings raw, with proof-machining or full precision machining as required, in our  machine shops or those operated by partner foundries

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